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Nominations to be considered for the 2018 Hall of Honor are now being accepted.

Thank you for your submissions over the years for the Hall of Honor. The list of those candidates that have not been selected are all distinguished individuals. Most have been on the nomination list for several years and to ensure we keep the review and selection process fresh, and as voted on at the annual general members meeting on April 17, 2015, we have cleared out the candidates list and are currently requesting new Hall of Honor candidate submissions. When a new submission is made, that name will remain on the candidate page for up to three years, if not selected to be inducted. Upon three years of review without being inducted, the name will be removed from the candidate list.

As we have stated in the past, but to review, if you are going to submit or rewrite a submission for consideration, the selection committee is focused on specific actions that can be held up to the members and the newest additions to our community as they walk the Hall of Honor. Those actions can be heroic or courageous in the face of significant pressure. Significant career accomplishments can be included, but should not be the sole basis for nomination. The committee looks for specific accomplishments that can make individuals stand out from each other and whose actions or performance can be easily recognized by our newest or oldest aircrew.

Thank you for your continued support of our organization and the Hall of Honor as we strive to cherish our past, and provide guidance to our future.

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